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Sublimation Transfers (Ready-to-Press)

  • Upload your image in PNG transparent format  & sized correctly as you want it to be printed. Make your canvas (design area) the size you are purchasing leaving 1/4" around all sides. Prints do not go completely to the edge. 
  • For 24" X 24" Gang Sheet, make your canvas as such and place your artwork fitting as many as you can on the sheet before uploading. 
  • Remember, what you upload is what I will print. So please double check as I do not modify. 
  • Sublimation Transfers are to be used on light color Poly-rich fabrics with at least 65% Polyester. 100% White Polyester will give you the best result. Lower polyester content will give a vintage look
  • Press your image at 400 degrees for 60 seconds using medium pressure; Cover with unwaxed butcher paper
  • DOES NOT print white. If there is white in your design, it will take the color of the shirt you are applying it to if it is not a white shirt. Most other sublimation blanks are white already, so those items will sublimate fine.
  • If you upload an image with a background, but do not want a background, please add the "Remove Background Fee" to your order.